• LW (48 years old)

    "I have been coming to Sando's class for three years. When I started I couldn't do many of the postures. Little by little I have improved and my waist is now thinner and I can move so much more flexibly."

  • HW (60 years old)

    “When I started Sando's class five years ago, I had significant shoulder pain. As a grandma, I cannot recommend these classes more highly.”

  • TJ (45 years old)

    “As a physician and tennis player, I had significant back pain and muscle pain and was unable to bend significantly. As a man, I was typically stiff. In just 6 months I am now able to flexibly complete the basic postures.”

  • BM (53 years old)

    “I have only been coming for the past six weeks. I am also currently undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer. This class is remarkable in that it has helped me have more energy and feel much better while I am undergoing these treatments.”

  • Anil Verma

    "Through yoga, one begins to recognize and appreciate body parts that one didn't know existed. Wow I feel great!”

  • Wendy

    "Sando is a wonderful teacher and he takes your particular restrictions seriously and designs a program around your needs which makes it a very available kind of yoga and the class is fabulous with great people. Very welcoming to new people.”

  • Carolyn (59 years old)

    "We laugh, we stretch, we groan, we giggle and our backs feel better!”

  • Hilary
    “Sando's class is relaxing and makes me feel great.  I've been taking it for almost two years and I am stronger and more flexible than ever.  It feels like a massage from the inside out.”

  • Victoria
    “This is a great class for middle age "youngsters".  I've noticed my body is toner and my clothes are looser.”

  • Julie
    “Beyond yoga is what this class achieves.  We are a group of "us" that has developed a strong center that is put together by Sando who creates the focus. Pains have disappeared, shoulders are held higher and a human heart has emerged.  I will always be a part of this wonderful class.”

  • Anonymous
    “SandoYoga is a great class for men and women of all ages. Sando tailors the exercises to your needs. He has helped me deal with my back pain and I can move better now than when I started. I truly enjoy coming every week.”

  • Anonymous
    “SandoYoga stopped my lower back from degenerating further.”

  • Anonymous
    “I come out of fear - otherwise, I will be a puddle of blubber on the floor.”

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