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SandoYoga is the Yoga class for regular people. It is wonderful for all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness. What is remarkable is that the class is suitable for a mixed group, each member being able to proceed according to their own ability. Don’t worry if you are not the right body type or have aches and pains, our teacher goes at your pace and as long as you keep coming regularly, our PROMISE is that you will feel 100% better!

SandoYoga is lead by Sando (Kalyan Panday), a 3rd-generation yoga instructor with 20 years experience in Calcutta, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. Undisturbed by the fads here in the US, Sando adjusts the class for the individual needs of the students and has a deep understanding and instinct for what will help each student improve. SandoYoga is perfect for people who have normal aches and pains, stiff backs, necks, shoulders, and legs.

Sando's style of Yoga is Classic Hatha Yoga. Hatha is based on control of the physical body to open it to the cosmic energy by a series of physical positions (postures), breathing, meditation and relaxation. Hatha Yoga proceeds from the physical to the mental and to the spiritual betterment. Release tension, relieve stress and re-energize your body, mind & soul through simple to learn, easy to follow, risk-free postures.

Sando's Classic Hatha Yoga : You Have To Experience It To Believe It!

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  • 10-20 students per class.
  • Only $15 per class and the first class is free!
  • No long-term commitment in advance.
  • Classes last about 1.5 hours and there is no issue coming late or leaving early.
  • Classes are at normal room temperature.
  • All levels of expertise are welcome and they all go into one class.
  • Great class for men and women of all ages.

Why Choose SandoYoga?

Students of SandoYoga in Position
  • Friendly, supportive, relaxing environment.
  • Special attention is provided for people with special needs (i.e. back, neck, spine, shoulder, or ankle pain, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, chronic cold, ect…).
  • In India, people believe in the magic power of Yoga and it’s ability to cure these elements.
  • Feel younger in mind, body and spirit.
  • Gentle strength training, balance and exercises all in one!
  • Experience life-changing, transformative results.
  • Atmosphere is one of positive vibes and energy.

Contact SandoYoga

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about SandoYoga, our instructor, and the excellent yoga classes that we offer. We look forward to hearing from you!


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